Woodward’s easYgen | LS-6XT control is synchronizer controller with integrated mains decoupling and protection features.

          LS-6XT Typically does:
          • 3-ph AC measurement (690V direct connect, 1A/5A support)

          • Power calculation (Class I transducer, power reading via 4-20mA or interfaces)

          • Synch check (ANSI 25)

          • Circuit breaker control

          • Hot swap redundant communication with a supervisory system/PLC

          • Hot swap redundant communication, 

          • Eth-Eth at Layer-3 among GC-3400XT and LS-6XT

            • CAN-Eth at Layer-1 among easYgenXT and LS-6XT

            • Supports up to 128 segments at layer-3 (up to 64x LS-6XT, 16x GC-3400XT, each group consisting up to 31 gensets)

          • Supports up to 64 segments  at Layer-1 (up to 32x LS-6XT, 32x easYgen-3400/3500XT)

          • In group controller applications, LS-6XT works inside the group

          • (with easYgens) AND outside the group (with group controllers)


          Part Number: 8440-2222

          Multi-Breaker Control for comples power management applications

          Please contact us if you need more information.

            This combination does not exist.

            Terms and Conditions

            • One/two breaker control

            • Gensets/genset groups handling

            • Stand-alone/multi-unit operation

            • Forward and reverse synchronization between  utility and genset group

            • Redundant Ethernet communication

            • Segment control for the load sharing

            • Configurable I/Os driven by LogicsManager and AnalogManager

            • Several built-in protection elements (including ROCOF, phase shift and flexible limits for custom protection



            Name Open


            Name Open
            TECHNICAL MANUAL LS-612XT-P1 Open

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